Novo regularly installs kitchens for customers although we prefer not to do so. Especially if you are planning to have an expensive, high-quality kitchen. In that case, we always advise you to have the kitchen installed by the company where you purchase your kitchen. The company will then be liable for all damage and loss and it will be much easier and more convenient for you to deal with one party, rather than having to run from A to B if something goes wrong. (Can you just imagine what the kitchen salesman would say if the oven that Novo had installed was not working?).

We are perfectly willing to install a simple kitchen for you, for example a kitchen from Ikea (, one of the most inexpensive kitchens on the market).

If you would like to opt for a high-quality kitchen, we advise you to purchase it in Germany where it is less expensive, where the quality is superior and where they offer good old-fashioned service. Visit

Preparing the installation of the kitchen
If the supplier is going to install the kitchen, then all the wiring etc. must be done in accordance with the plans. It is important to know well in advance when the kitchen is going to be installed and also to ensure that you have the technical drawing on hand. In almost all of our large building conversion projects, we prepare for the installation of our kitchens in accordance with the technical drawings.

Novo's Unique formula

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