Of course you will receive an invoice with VAT from us so that you can submit a claim for payment from the building deposit

The VAT rate for all painting  plastering and isolating work done in private houses older than 2 years is 9%. 

We require a deposit of € 870 once we agree to undertake a job. An invoice for this deposit will be sent on the day the job commences. This deposit also serves as an agreement to our general terms and conditions. The deposit will be deducted from the final invoice. Invoices will be sent on a weekly basis.

No, we do not undertake large construction work, such as knocking down walls to make way for a supporting beam or adding extensions and/or constructing houses. This also applies to placing dormer windows, large installation jobs, such as placing central heating boiler systems or installing kitchens. We do finish off extensions, dormer windows and the like, as well as doing the preliminary work for the installation of kitchens (based on the drawings from the kitchen supplier).

No, this is not an option because our low margins do not provide a financial buffer to cover any setbacks. We also work with an open calculation. This is the consequence of this formula.

A summary of the ‘low cost’ formula is as follows:

  • You, as a customer, ‘contract for yourself’,
  • We work on the basis of an open calculation,
  • We make no profit on materials,
  • We show all labour costs
  • We are satisfied with low margins,
  • We save costs by providing accommodation on the premises,
  • We work long hours which makes us work more efficiently,
  • We guarantee quality on all the work done by Novo,
  • The client is liable for setbacks or loss.

Part of the ‘low cost’ formula is that the customer himself or herself takes on the role of building contractor. We call this ‘contracting for yourself’. This is not the same as ‘doing it yourself’ because then the customer actually does the work himself or herself. In the case of ‘contracting for yourself’, the customer does the planning/arranging/purchasing of the materials etc. himself or herself, but the actual work is done by the subcontractors of Novo.

Items that are used up and are not durable are not counted as tools and equipment, items such as: sandpaper, disposable brushes, turpentine etc.
Items that do count as tools and equipment are all electrical equipment, metal tools (hammers, chisels, plastering knives etc.), other large tools and equipment. Sometimes specialized tools and equipment are required for a particular job (special equipment, large scaffolding etc.). In such cases, a surcharge will be agreed upon.

Novo regularly installs kitchens for customers although we prefer not to do so. Especially if you are planning to have an expensive, high-quality kitchen. In that case, we always advise you to have the kitchen installed by the company where you purchase your kitchen. The company will then be liable for all damage and loss and it will be much easier and more convenient for you to deal with one party, rather than having to run from A to B if something goes wrong. (Can you just imagine what the kitchen salesman would say if the oven that Novo had installed was not working?)

Novo renovation is specialized in large-scale conversion and building projects. Unfortunately, we cannot undertake any projects that take less than 5 working days for 2 workers.

Novo is a Slovakian firm of contractors. Slovakia is part of the EU. EU law allows Slovakian companies to provide services in other EU member states. At present, for example the Dutch government has temporarily suspended/restricted East European workers from working for Dutch companies. However, a Slovakian firm is legally permitted to offer its services and/or products in the Netherlands. Novo is an example of such a firm. It is based in Slovakia and its workers and independant subcontrcators reside there. They want the situation to remain as it is and they do not intend to settle in any other country in the EU. Novo is completely legal and pays VAT to the tax department in the country we provided services in accordance with the EU legislation. Novo conforms to the legislation regarding the labour terms and conditions for services rendered in that specific country. Further information and documentation on these legal matters are available on request.

Novo's Unique formulA

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