Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Website disclaimer

In spite of the extreme caution and meticulous care taken in the construction of this website, no guarantee or declaration can be given with regard to the accuracy or completeness of the information published on the site. Errors (in data processing), however, cannot always be avoided.
We cannot guarantee that the information published is suitable for your purpose. All data, products and services found on the site are presented in their actual state. No guarantee or declaration is given, either explicitly or implicitly, with regard to the accuracy and suitability of the information published on the site for a specific purpose or otherwise.

We emphatically disclaim all liability for any damage whatsoever, direct or indirect, which might be incurred as a result of access to and the use of the sites. We can in no way be held responsible if the site is temporarily inaccessible. Use of the site is done at the user’s own discretion and risk and we disclaim all liability for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of any information obtained from the site. Novo Holding Ltd. neither guarantees nor supports any product or any service mentioned in this publication, nor does it guarantee any claims made by the manufacturer of such products.

Taking this into account, the user is always strongly advised first of all to thoroughly check whether all the information obtained from this site is accurate and complete before using it. Novo Holding Ltd. reserves the right to edit and add information to the site at any time with immediate effect and without any prior notification.

The user of the Novo Holding Ltd. site is not permitted to reproduce, distribute, disseminate, or make public any works protected by copyright or any information found on the site without the express permission of Novo Holding Ltd. (nor may this be done via a private network).

Privacy Policy
Protecting the security and privacy of your personal information is of essential importance to Novo Holding Ltd. and that is why Novo Holding Ltd. guarantees that all the information and details you supply are treated as strictly confidential. We may sometimes require your personal details and if you are willing to supply us with this information, we will explicitly state the reason for our request. Novo Holding Ltd. will not disclose your personal details to any third parties other than the parties who are involved in a particular activity, without your express permission.

For statistic purposes, statistics concerning our websites are available to our visitors. Information and data, such as the number of visitors and the frequency of visitors (hits), are used for the purpose of internal research and for the improvement of the website. However, this information is general and it cannot be traced back to the individual visitor. The identity of the visitor remains confidential. Our current policy is that this data is not linked to your personal details.

Your personal details are kept in a file. This file is used to improve our services, to offer you special services and to be able to provide you with any particular information on special deals offered either by us or by any third parties. If you have any objection to this or if you have any questions regarding this matter, you can contact us via the contact page on this site. Novo Holding Ltd. uses cookies on its sites. Cookies help us to enhance and improve the information and/or services you desire.

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