Creating rooms
Often an attic is the space where boxes and old junk are stored. Actually that is such a pity! Novo can help you convert your attic into a great living area by creating rooms here.

Finishing off dormer windows
Novo does not place dormer windows but often finishes them off. Let a supplier place the dormer window and we can finish the job. The supplier of the dormer window could also do the inside work, but this is not their area of expertise. Besides, Novo can do this labour-intensive work at a much more reasonable rate. Of course, Novo can also arrange the wiring and halogen lighting.

Washing area
Are your washing machine and/or dryer still in the bathroom? That is such a waste of your bathroom! Why don’t you create a lovely spacious washing area in your attic? One with a washbasin and working area so that at last you have got enough room to do the washing properly. And all this without the dirty laundry cluttering up the passage or lying all over the bathroom floor! If you would like to discuss some of these options with us, please contact us.

Novo's Unique formulA

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